Furniture Special Feature for September 2023: Respect for the Elderly Day, Moon Viewing, and Autumn Camping

Furniture Special Feature for September 2023: Respect for the Elderly Day, Moon Viewing, and Autumn Camping


This is Okawa Furniture Dot Com.

I hope you've been able to enjoy a relaxing summer vacation. I understand that there are many who might say, "I don't have a summer vacation!" Your hard work in the midst of the heat is truly appreciated.

As September arrives, the weather should start to cool down a bit, making it easier for travel and outings.

Speaking of September events, we have images of "Respect for the Elderly Day" and "Moon Viewing." In 2023, Respect for the Elderly Day falls on September 18th (Monday, a public holiday), and the Moon Viewing (Full Moon) is on September 29th (Friday).

So, this time, we would like to introduce furniture that would make great presents for Respect for the Elderly Day and furniture that can be carried for Moon Viewing, camping, or outings.
■"KOMA" High-Type Solid Wood Seat with a Natural Texture Made of Solid Wood

High-Type Kotatsu Desk Misaki 90cm Width, Futon, and 1 Chair Set

Furniture You Can Carry for Moon Viewing, Camping, etc.

Outdoor Folding Table - 60cm Diameter Round Shape Made of Domestic Cedar Solid Wood

Wooden Coffee Dripper


Furniture That Would Be Appreciated as a Gift for Respect for the Elderly Day

  1. "KOMA" High-Type Solid Wood Seat with a Natural Texture - KOMA High-Type

This is a solid and well-textured seat that you might find in a cozy traditional Japanese restaurant.

You can choose from 120 patterns of frame and fabric, making it suitable for both Japanese and Western-style rooms. For those long hours spent in the living room, having a comfortable and high-quality chair can make a big difference.

The frame is made of ash, oak, or cedar solid wood with urethane coating. Maintenance is easy with regular dry wiping. If it gets dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. It's low formaldehyde emission (F☆☆☆☆) and safe for use. When not in use, you can stack them for storage.

With the calming natural wood texture, why not create a soothing atmosphere at home? Considering the variety of frame and fabric options, it might take around 40 days for delivery due to customization, but you could make it a surprise gift for Respect for the Elderly Day or enjoy the anticipation of receiving your chosen design. Alternatively, you could choose the colors yourself and wait for your unique chair to arrive later. Matching side tables are also available.

Japanese sider TYABUDAI


2.High-Type Kotatsu Desk Misaki - Perfect for Teleworking During Cold Winter

This high-type kotatsu table, suitable for use with chairs, could be a great option for elderly individuals. When legs and back strength start to weaken, getting up from a seated position becomes difficult, and sitting on the floor can be uncomfortable. This table allows you to sit on a chair and enjoy a kotatsu experience.

The table is made of domestic Japanese cedar from Hita, Oita Prefecture, and its compact design when folded makes it easy to store. Its light weight of about 5kg is deceptive; it's manufactured at the same sofa factory as kotatsu, and the tabletop can hold up to 50kg. It's not only a kotatsu, but can also be used as a regular dining table when the futon is removed.


3.Outdoor Folding Table - 60cm Diameter Round Shape Made of Domestic Cedar Solid Wood

Searching for "folding table" usually yields either low tables for inside use or simpler tables with aluminum or steel legs for outdoor activities. However, for occasions like moon viewing or camping, metal legs might seem a bit uninspiring.

This folding table, made of domestic cedar solid wood from Hita, Oita Prefecture, is perfect for outdoor use. When folded, it's incredibly compact at 66x60x7.3cm. Despite weighing only about 5kg, it's strong enough to support up to 50kg on its tabletop. The table offers a convenient space for placing items like coffee or snacks while enjoying the moonlight or having a quality time during camping.

This table made of solid cedar wood is
A folding round table made of Hita cedar from Oita Prefecture,
When folded, it is very compact at 66 x 60 x 7.3 cm.

Although the main body weighs about 5 kg and is light,
It is manufactured in the same sofa factory as the kotatsu, and the load capacity of the top plate is 50 kg!

Our president often uses it for tea time on the terrace of his home.

A folding table that is convenient to carry
Even outside, you can enjoy the feel of natural cedar, the grain, and the color that changes over time.
As a space to put a little coffee or a book in the case of chairing,
Enjoying sake and snacks while watching the moon,
Would you like to spend quality time together such as coffee time at camp?

4.Wooden Coffee Dripper

For many, camping involves enjoying a cup of coffee. This high-quality wooden coffee dripper might be a great addition to the outdoor experience. With an option for customization, you can even add your own text or illustrations for a personal touch. Made of popular walnut wood, it's easy to clean with a simple rinse and wipe. It could also make for a memorable gift, though please note that personalization might take around two weeks.

How about a wooden coffee dripper with the table?
Here you can add text and illustrations for an additional 1500 yen,
You can also make your own coffee dripper.

Good-quality walnut materials of the popular tree class are cool,
Although it is made of wood, it can be washed quickly with water and wiped dry without drying.
Easy to clean on the go.
It is an item that will be appreciated as a gift with an anniversary!

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