Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

We want to transform Okawa into a world-famous furniture and interior city.
More precisely, we want our exhibitions to pull in most customers globally.
In 10 years (by 2032), we aspire to become a place where young people from all over the world gather to study furniture and interior.
In 2032, we want people to experience us as a sophisticated interior town, a furniture version of Milano as an apparel town.
Achieve 1600 billion yen in total shipment value.
Increase our domestic market share to 10%.
Export Okawa furniture.


Business Philosophy

Enrich Japan through Okawa furniture.

  • Create a safe home environment with the use of safe Okawa furniture.
  • Spread Okawa's artisan culture through our services.
  • Communicate customer feedback to creators and support better craftsmanship.
  • Discover the hidden needs of the customer and pursue them.
  • Take part in carrying on the Japanese artisan culture.


Business Strategy

Plan and sell products wanted by second-generation baby boomers.
Plan and sell products that matter in all three aspects: creators, materials, and design.
Sell earthquake-resistant furniture as Japan is an earthquake-prone country.
Focus on furniture that can order by customizing sizes, tree species, and storage contents so that it fits perfectly in the house.


Product Policy

  1. Chemically safe: Our furniture is low in formaldehyde, and they all have an emission grade of F3 or higher. We aim for a grade of F4 or higher in the future.
  2. Physically safe: Our furniture is less likely to cause injury to the elderly and small children.
  3. Social Contribution: Sell furniture that leads to social contribution (prevention of deindustrialization, non-usage of illegal lumber, and support of factories with fair labor practices).
  4. Focus on offering custom order options on sizes, tree species, and storage contents for the furniture to fit into the home seamlessly.


Service Policy

  1. Collect customer needs through active use of social media.
  2. Explore the needs and wants of the potential customer.
  3. Identify baby boomers as potential customers.
  4. Share even the slightest voice of the customer with business partners to understand user awareness.
  5. Conduct research for safe furniture suitable for Japan, an earthquake-prone country.


 Company Profile

Japan Corporation Number: 6290001066964

3 million yen
Nature of Business
Sale of furniture made in Japan
Major Bank
The Ohkawa Shinkin Bank, The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Japan Net Bank
Establishment Date
July 2, 2014
Shop Name
Okawa Furniture
Okawa Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Tsutsumi
Business Location
621 Gobaru, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
No. of Employees
7 (4 men and 3 women)

 Japanese site:

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Company History

Nobuhiro Tsutsumi (father of Taiyo Tsutsumi, current president) founded a wholesale business "Interior Tsutsumi” in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Taiyo Tsutsumi (current president) joins a condominium development company in Kita-kyushu City as a new hire.
Taiyo Tsutsumi (current president) leaves the condominium development company and departs on a 4-months training tour in Europe.
Taiyo Tsutsumi (current president) joins “Interior Tsutsumi”
Opens online retail site, "Cyber Furniture Store”.
Taiyo Tsutsui enrolled in “Okawa Interior School” operated by Fukuoka Prefecture and established a network with manufacturing factories and artisans from Okawa City.
Founded an online retail site, “Okawa" which specializes in domestic furniture.
Started participating in “Kyushu EC” (study group for the online mail order service) in Fukuoka. Here, he was able to build connections with business owners selling various merchandise online.
While serving as Secretary for “Kyushu EC” for four years, he developed a working relationship with guest coaches.
After succeeding his father, Okawa founded “Okawa” as a sole proprietor.
Registered as a point-exchange product on the “wood utilization points” program operated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (this was the conversion point on the increase in domestic furniture). 
Incorporated “Okawa” into “Okawa Co., Ltd.”
Registered as a point-exchange product for the “Okawa Furusato Nozei” program.
May: Showroom opened in Gobara, Okawa City.
November: Participated in the exhibition of Tokyo Design Week.
March: Opened a solo exhibition at Daikanyama in Shibuya, Tokyo.
September: Opened a co-exhibition at Ebisu in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
February: Opened a solo exhibition at Nishi-Ku in Osaka City.
February: Opened a solo exhibition at Kiyosumi Shirakawa in Koto-Ku, Osaka.
Recognition for Management Innovation
Selected for JETRO's cross-border EC support program " Japan Store" and opened a "Sty Okawa Furniture" shop page on the US Amazon
Awarded subsidy for the "Digital Tool-based Overseas Demand Expansion Business"
Launching an English website for cross-border EC at