Strengths of Okawa Furniture

Dedicated domestic furniture

Handling the best selection of “Okawa Furniture”

We handle only domestically manufactured furniture.
Most of them are made by manufacturers in Okawa City, where the furniture is produced.
Okawa City has been known as a furniture production center for over 400 years, and there are more than 200 furniture-related establishments in the city.


>> History of Okawa City <<

Please take a look at our high-quality Okawa furniture, carefully crafted one by one by skilled craftsmen.


Handling of custom-made furniture

Custom-size orders and full orders available

Some of our products, such as tables, can be semi-customized, i.e., resized.
Please contact us if you would like to change the size of a table to fit your family or if you would like to fit a piece of furniture into an available space.
We also offer full custom-made furniture.

>> List of furniture available for semi-custom orders <<


///// Please stay with us from here on if you have time. /////

We work with these principles in mind.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

We want to transform Okawa into a world-famous furniture and interior city.

More precisely, we want our exhibitions to pull in most customers globally.
In 10 years (by 2032), we aspire to become a place where young people from all over the world gather to study furniture and interior.
In 2032, we want people to experience us as a sophisticated interior town, a furniture version of Milano as an apparel town.
Achieve 1600 billion yen in total shipment value.
Increase our domestic market share to 10%.
Export Okawa furniture.


Business Philosophy

Enrich Japan through Okawa furniture.

Hand-made furniture by furniture craftsmen
  • Create a safe home environment with the use of safe Okawa furniture.
  • Spread Okawa's artisan culture through our services.
  • Communicate customer feedback to creators and support better craftsmanship.
  • Discover the hidden needs of the customer and pursue them.
  • Take part in carrying on the Japanese artisan culture.


Product Policy

  1. Chemically safe: Our furniture is low in formaldehyde, and they all have an emission grade of F3 or higher. We aim for a grade of F4 or higher in the future.
  2. Physically safe: Our furniture is less likely to cause injury to the elderly and small children.
  3. Social Contribution: Sell furniture that leads to social contribution (prevention of deindustrialization, non-usage of illegal lumber, and support of factories with fair labor practices).
  4. Focus on offering custom order options on sizes, tree species, and storage contents for the furniture to fit into the home seamlessly.


~How did we come to this corporate philosophy? 〜

 The “Okawa Furniture” started in Okawa City where furniture production had existed since the Edo period. The name (used as our tradename) became widely known across the country, and shops called “Okawa Furniture” sprung up in various places.  

 In the beginning, we displayed many pieces of furniture made in the Okawa area, but with the rise of imported furniture and furniture made in other regions, the amount of furniture made in the Okawa area has gradually decreased.

However, since the name of the store is "Okawa Furniture", many people purchase furniture mistakenly believing that it is made in the Okawa area.
However, this means that imported furniture is mistaken for Okawa furniture, and there is a possibility that the brand "Okawa Furniture" will cease to exist.

Born and raised in Okawa City, Fukuoka, we are always proud of our heritage as a furniture town. As we could not come to terms with what was happening, we thought of a way to preserve the “Okawa furniture” brand. 

To spread the quality of real “Okawa furniture” made only in the Okawa area to people across the country, we created an online store. 

All furniture we are handling is from the Okawa area. (Since Okawa lumber does not suit some furniture types, some beds and sofas use lumber from other parts of Kyushu.)

Also, we examine all products before bringing them to the market to eliminate low-quality products to enhance the Okawa furniture brand.


Prospects of Okawa Furniture

As mentioned above, we wish for the development of real Okawa Furniture, but in order to convey the quality of "Okawa Furniture", we are currently in the planning stage of our new concept, “furniture that is gentle for small children”

Why is the furniture we are handling child-friendly? First of all, Okawa furniture is made in Japan, which means that fewer chemical substances are used than low-cost furniture made in China, and fewer people are likely to disguise the use of chemical substances than in other countries.

In addition, we are making efforts to use Japanese domestic lumber, and most Japanese domestic lumber is cedar or cypress.
Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress are coniferous trees, which are softer than foreign hardwoods that even a hard blow will not hurt as much.

The cedar and cypress trees you see today were planted 60 years ago after the war and in the need of logging. If they are not cut down now, new trees will not be planted, which will have a great impact on the forestry industry and flood control.

In recent years, due to the pollen allergy problem, there is a movement to plant broadleaf trees other than Japanese cedar and cypress, and in neighboring Kumamoto Prefecture, planting of Japanese sandalwood is underway.

Kumamoto Prefecture's Forest Development Division's page on the utilization of Chinaberry Lumber

Although Chinaberry is a hardwood, it grows quickly, is easy to process, and has a beautiful grain, so Kumamoto Prefecture and the Okawa Furniture Manufacturers Association are working together to actively use Chinaberry for furniture.
Please click here for furniture made with chinaberry sold at Okawa Furniture.

Order Japanese-made chinaberry shoe boxes in 1cm increments to contribute to Japan's forestry industry.

The forestry industry is an industry that is decades ahead of its time, and we are doing business with the belief that contributing to this kind of industry will have an impact on the future of Japan.