2024 Spring Japan Interior Comprehensive Exhibition and Spring Okawa Woodworking Festival

2024 Spring Japan Interior Comprehensive Exhibition and Spring Okawa Woodworking Festival

①2024 Spring Japan Interior Comprehensive Exhibition

On April 10th and 11th, a trade show for industry professionals and buyers was held in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture at the Industrial Hall and two other venues. Over 100 furniture manufacturers and related businesses gathered to display their products to a variety of professionals involved in furniture, including retail stores, wholesalers, homebuilders, design firms, and forestry research groups. Being the top furniture production area in Japan, this exhibition is held quarterly (spring, summer, autumn, winter).


Here’s what the entrance looked like:

Photo of the Industrial Hall entrance


While I couldn't capture the entire venue, I visited the manufacturers of the products we handle at our company to discuss their new items and future plans.


Photos of some new products.


MONACA stool & Table


A manufacturer specializing in various furniture pieces primarily made from paulownia wood. Here's the product:

Paulownia Kimono Case


Photo of the second venue entrance

If there are any types of furniture you would like to see, please contact us via chat or at


Currently, Sty furniture only handles a limited selection of products (due to shipping constraints). You can also check our products on our Japanese website, please take a look!



②Spring Okawa Woodworking Festival

This event is a public sale that takes place after the above exhibition, held twice a year in spring and autumn. It's happening this weekend, April 13th and 14th!

Fukuoka Okawa Industrial Association Link


Local furniture manufacturers from Okawa, as well as manufacturers from outside the city and related businesses like joinery, will gather at the Okawa Industrial Hall. Around 10,000 items including furniture, interiors, and general goods will be on display. Local products and specialties from Okawa will also be featured!

The festival will also include contests, events, workshops, and local product sales, making for a true festive two days.

I previously purchased a large Ginkgo cutting board at this event!

While access might be a bit inconvenient, it could be interesting for those interested in Japanese lifestyle to adjust their schedule and visit!

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