We went on a study trip to Busan, Korea.

We went on a study trip to Busan, Korea.

We went to Korea for the “HOME TABLE DECO FAIR” held in Busan from May 30 to June 2.

We took a ferry from Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan to Busan →.

This was the first time for me to visit Busan, Korea, although it was the 3rd or 4th time for the president.


■The first day was free, so we went for a walk in the Yeongdo area.
We walked around Baekse Cultural Village, an alley with street art and vivid buildings overlooking the sea.

Being a sea town, seafood was abundant and the kimpas were delicious.

We also strolled through Daejongdae Park (GEOPARK).

The temples along the way were decorated differently from those in Japan, and I was reminded once again that even Asian cultures have different patterns and decorations depending on the country.


■On the second day, I went to the HOME TABLE DECO FAIR.

The venue was BEXCO, a large exhibition hall, where a coffee show and a food machinery exhibition were also held.

The home goods exhibition included not only furniture but also a variety of other items that were informative.

The materials used for furniture were standard walnut, maple, oak, etc., but the Korean woodworkers and designers had very interesting ideas.
There were also many goods made of bamboo.

After looking at home goods, we also took a look around at all the coffee and food production machinery.

★One thing that caught my attention was a chest of drawer like the one we have.

There was a chest of drawer like we have in our company, but it had a vent hole on the back!

In Japan, chest drawers are not often fitted with ventilation holes because it is considered better to have an airtight drawer.
Also, most drawers are made of paulownia wood, which is expected to have a humidity control effect.

This is how drawers are in other countries!

■On the last day, I went shopping for souvenirs for my family. And a surprise.

We had a hearty Korean breakfast in the morning and strolled around the Canton market area.

I found what looked like a furniture shop, but I forgot that I was planning to go there on my way home.

The furniture store in the department store had a lot of beds, sofas and dining sets, I think!
I was tired of walking around...  (LOL)

Then it was time to board the ship, and while I was outside, I heard some music... 
I found out that there was a Busan port festival going on!

And there were fireworks and a drone show, as if to send us off from the departure!



This must have been a surprise to the other people on board and a great start & end to the trip.

We look forward to seeing where we can go next year!

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