New Products, Year-End and New Year's Support, and the 2024 Tokyo-Osaka Exhibition

New Products, Year-End and New Year's Support, and the 2024 Tokyo-Osaka Exhibition

This is Tsutsumi from Oikawa Furniture dot com.

Actually, last week I was down with a cold every day except Monday, so it's my first day back at work in a week.

This year, the mandarins are delicious (apparently it's a good year in Japan) and I've been eating more than two a day. I didn't eat that many last year, so I thought, "I won't catch a cold this year because I'm eating a lot of mandarins," but I caught one easily...

Please take care of your health, everyone.

By the way, Japanese houses, known for their high ventilation, can be quite cold in the winter. A unique heating appliance that has evolved in Japan to address this cold is the kotatsu.

In Japan, the combination of a kotatsu and mandarins is a classic winter style. The kotatsu we offer can be found here:

We handle an even wider range of kotatsu on our Japanese site:

We also offer international shipping on our Japanese site.

The first newsletter of the month is about new products, but this time there's only one. So, I would like to share some other recent news with you.

■Table of Contents

1.New Products for November
2.Year-End and New Year's Business Hours and Delivery
3.About the Oikawa Furniture dot com Exhibition

1. New Products for November

A stylish wall-mounted TV board with block-style panels!

Until now, we have not dealt with high-type TV stands at our company. The reason is "because they're unfashionable." Moreover, the size of the TV to be placed is limited to a certain size, so personally, I wasn't very interested in handling high-type TV stands. However, the high-type TV stand I'm introducing this time is fashionable.

Moreover, it's an elegant wall-mounted TV stand that will completely revamp your interior, focusing on texture. If you're interested, I'd be grateful if you could check the details from the link.

2. Year-End and New Year's Business Hours and Delivery

For the 2023-24 year-end and New Year period,
○ Our winter holiday is from December 28 to January 3. We will respond to inquiries sequentially after the holiday. Of course, orders can be placed without interruption through our online shop.

○ For deliveries during the year-end and New Year period (December 30, 2022, to January 7, 2023), only paid option delivery will be available. Please select "② In-house installation delivery, date and time specified (please check the area where time specification is possible)".

※ If you choose setting ① for delivery
If you choose "① In-house installation delivery, date negotiation required (0 yen)" for delivery setting, orders placed after 3 pm on December 18 will be delivered on or after January 7. (Delivery within the year is possible depending on the size of the product and the area. You will be contacted by the order handler regarding the delivery date.)

Please check the details here.

3. About the Oikawa Furniture dot com Exhibition

At the Tokyo Akabane exhibition we held in November, many people wanted to see the actual products, and it was very well received. We held it in November with the hope of doing it as soon as possible after the coronavirus situation settled, but next year we plan to hold it several times.

The first exhibition in 2024 will be in March, a peak period for furniture demand. Moreover, it will be held in two cities, Tokyo and Osaka. The schedule and location for Osaka have been confirmed:

"Oikawa Furniture dot com Exhibition, Osaka Venue"
Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Naniwa Ward, Nipponbashi 3-5-25
Takashimaya East Annex 1st Floor
Community Food Hall
March 20 (Wed) - March 21 (Thu), 2024

Only the dates have been decided for Tokyo.
It will be either March 23-24 or 25. The location will be either Roppongi or Ikebukuro.

We hope that many customers will visit us in March, which is a busy period for furniture.



【Author of this Article】
Taiyo Tsutsumi
CEO, Okawakagu dot com Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  Born and raised in the furniture town of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Taiyo Tsutsumi joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City immediately after graduating from university. After retiring in 2005, he embarked on a 4-month journey through Europe. In 2006, while assisting with the family business, which involved wholesale furniture, he became concerned about the future of furniture manufacturing, a key industry in Okawa City. With a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture once again, he founded the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com" and is currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.
2019: Certified for Business Innovation
2021: Adopted by JETRO for Cross-Border E-commerce " Japan Store" (Link)
2022: Granted subsidies for the "Overseas Demand Expansion Project Using Digital Tools, etc."
2023: Launch of the cross-border e-commerce English website "Okawakagu" (Link)
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