Okawa Furniture Dot Com - 2023 Year in Review

Okawa Furniture Dot Com - 2023 Year in Review

Hello, this is Tsutsumi from Okawa Furniture Dot Com.

As 2023 comes to an end, I’d like to reflect on our year at Okawa Furniture Dot Com, which was filled with various events and milestones.


We focused on producing videos for our overseas audience, rushing to meet deadlines for the "Digital Tools for Expanding Overseas Demand" project. We created a series of videos that can be seen here.



I lectured at a study group called "Kyushu EC," a gathering of online shop owners. The group, known for its positive and forward-thinking members, can be found here.


I discovered Canva, a graphic design tool, at a study group in Oita City, which significantly improved the quality of our image editing and printed materials. Canva can be accessed here.


Attended the anniversary event of the E-Commerce Business Association in Osaka City. The event was a great opportunity for networking and information exchange. More information can be found here.


Delivered furniture to a Mediterranean restaurant in Okawa City, known for its unique cuisine. The restaurant is located



Unfortunately, we ended the fiscal year in deficit. We decided to revive our real exhibition sales events due to the decline in online furniture sales.


Focused on 'try and see' content, demonstrating how to use furniture in innovative ways. We experimented with using L-shaped shelves as a projector screen setup, details of which can be seen https://www.coordinatekagu.jp/blog/archives/8624.


Began using a professional photographer's subscription service for our product photos, provided by the current chairman of "Kyushu EC", Shiki-san of "6photo". His services can be found here.


Experimented with a collection shelf that doubles as a dehumidifier for storing cameras, responding to a request from a camera shop in Utsunomiya City. The progress of this project can be followed here.


Participated in the "Okawa Woodworking Festival" held every April and October. It's an excellent opportunity for bargain furniture shopping. More details can be found here.


Hosted the "Okawa Furniture Dot Com Mini Exhibition" in Akabane, Tokyo, for the first time in about three years. This event allows customers to physically experience our furniture. Further information is available here.


Currently planning a special TV stand that accommodates modern soundbars which emit sound from the top.

This year, we started receiving orders from overseas around September, making our vision of "spreading Okawa furniture worldwide" more tangible.

We hope to further spread the excellence of Okawa furniture globally in 2024. Please continue to support us.

About the Author

Taiyo Tsutsumi, President of Okawa Furniture Dot Com, a real estate broker, born and raised in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a town known for its furniture. After working in the condominium industry in Kitakyushu City and realizing the importance of low-formaldehyde building materials, I joined the family furniture wholesale business. Motivated by a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture, I established the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com". I am currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.

【Author of this Article】
Taiyo Tsutsumi
CEO, Okawakagu dot com Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  Born and raised in the furniture town of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Taiyo Tsutsumi joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City immediately after graduating from university. After retiring in 2005, he embarked on a 4-month journey through Europe. In 2006, while assisting with the family business, which involved wholesale furniture, he became concerned about the future of furniture manufacturing, a key industry in Okawa City. With a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture once again, he founded the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com" and is currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.
2019: Certified for Business Innovation
2021: Adopted by JETRO for Cross-Border E-commerce "Amazon.com Japan Store" (Link)
2022: Granted subsidies for the "Overseas Demand Expansion Project Using Digital Tools, etc."
2023: Launch of the cross-border e-commerce English website "Okawakagu" (Link)
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