Tips for Enjoying Early Summer Comfortably

Tips for Enjoying Early Summer Comfortably

Tips for Enjoying Early Summer Comfortably

In Japan, the hot summer is approaching, but until the rainy season, it's a comfortable time when you can spend time with the windows open. Not only in Japan but also by keeping the following points in mind, you can achieve a well-ventilated and comfortable space.

Arranging to Make the Space Look Spacious

Place furniture against the walls to create a sense of openness in the center of the room. Choosing low-profile furniture broadens the view and gives a feeling of openness. It is key to unify with low furniture such as sofas and tables. Additionally, ensuring enough space between pieces of furniture improves ventilation and enhances airflow. Keeping the center of the room free with sofas or tables on legs allows for better airflow, making it comfortable.

Retro Sofa

Retro Sofa

has a low backrest, a thin seat, and slender legs, making it a well-ventilated sofa. Leather seats can feel sticky against bare legs on hot days, but the Retro Sofa offers fabric options, making it comfortable even in the heat of summer.


Ensuring a Clear Pathway

Securing a straight path from the entrance of the room to the windows makes it easier for the wind to flow. Additionally, grouping furniture with the same function in one place allows for more open space and a sense of openness. By keeping an easy-to-move-around arrangement, comfort is also enhanced.


Making the Most of Windows

Place low-profile furniture near the windows to avoid blocking the flow of air. Arranging furniture to face the windows creates natural air circulation, allowing a refreshing breeze to spread throughout the room. To make it easier to let in natural light, placing light-colored furniture around the windows is effective.

Oslo Cabinet Oslo Cabinet

has a white mirror finish on the front, top, and sides, reflecting natural light to maintain a bright and refreshing room.

Choosing Furniture with a Sense of Transparency and Lightness

Furniture with thin frames or slim designs does not crowd the room and gives a light impression.

The Mol Series incorporates thin legs in the design for a light atmosphere. The Mol Series

Visual Tricks

Installing large mirrors on the walls has the effect of making the space appear larger. Mirrors reflect light, making the room appear brighter. Additionally, choosing furniture in bright or refreshing colors can visually make the space feel cooler.

RT Box Frame Mirror RT Box Frame Mirror

can be custom-sized in 1cm increments and bright oak wood can be chosen as the material, making it a highlight in the room.

Our store offers a wide selection of cool-feeling furniture perfect for summer. Besides the ones mentioned above, we also have classic igusa (rush grass) products. Igusa Products



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