【New Products for May】Kitchen Cabinet Using OS Panel, Less Prone to Fingerprints than Stainless Steel, and 4 Other Series

【New Products for May】Kitchen Cabinet Using OS Panel, Less Prone to Fingerprints than Stainless Steel, and 4 Other Series

Yesterday, I made my own clam chowder, and it was so delicious that I plan to make it again soon.

This is Tsutsumi. Recently, the local supermarket has been selling clams from Kumamoto Prefecture at a low price. Up until now, the only clam dishes I've made were "Sake-steamed clams" and "Acqua Pazza," so I decided to try something different.

While looking through recipe sites, I found clam chowder. I used to think clam chowder was difficult to make, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. I decided to add it to my recipe repertoire.


On May 30th and 31st, we will be on a company training trip and will not be able to answer phone calls. However, we will still be accepting inquiries via email and LINE. Please understand that we will respond to any inquiries after the following Monday.

Now, here is the information on our new products.


New Product Information



■ Kitchen Cabinet using OS Panel, which is less prone to fingerprints than stainless steel

Leon Kitchen Storage Series (Tableware Storage & Appliance Storage) ・Uses OS panel, which is less prone to fingerprints compared to stainless steel ・Color steel top board with a stainless steel-like appearance that excels in stain resistance and rust prevention

・Drawers use Hettich InnoTech rails

・Adopts top-pull dual soft-close

・Moisture and odor reduction material is placed above the dust storage area

・Equipped with earthquake-proof latches and shatterproof film for safety during earthquakes

Recommended for those looking to create a luxurious and robust kitchen space!



Stylish Shoe Cabinet to Brighten Your Entrance【Depth 40 Height 193】NEW Kelly Shoe Cabinet 100・120cm Width The combination of the white body and wood-grain patterned front panel creates a refreshing entrance.


Stylish Pine Shoe Cabinet with Wave Design【Width 75・87×Height 103・193 in 4 Types】 Made entirely of solid pine wood for the front, with ear-like processing on the edges of the doors for a wild image. Perfect for entrances with a lot of wood like log houses.


Armchairs with Low Backs to Efficiently Utilize Space - Moon Chair (Black Cherry, Walnut, Oak)


Simple and Practical Natural Wood Chair - RT Solid Dining Chair (Walnut, Black Cherry, Oak)


For the company training trip, we will be going to Busan, South Korea. During our stay, we will be attending the HOME・TABLE DECO FAIR BUSAN 2024 https://www.hometabledeco.com/en-us/busan.html

We hope to explore Korean furniture trends and gather new ideas with our employees. I hope Japanese-made furniture sells well in Korea too. See you next time.


The links are to Japanese websites, but international shipping is available. When making a purchase, please proceed through the "Buyee" banner on the website.

Thank you.


【Written by】

Taiyo Tsutsumi

President of Okawa Furniture Dot Com Co., Ltd. Licensed Real Estate Broker
  Born and raised in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a town known for its furniture. After graduating, I joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City. In 2003, the revised Building Standards Act required measures to address sick building syndrome, making me aware of the importance of low-formaldehyde materials. After leaving the company in 2005, I traveled around Europe for four months. In 2006, I started helping with the family furniture wholesale business. As I worked, I felt a sense of crisis about the future of furniture manufacturing, which is a key industry in Okawa City. With the desire to revitalize Okawa through furniture, I launched the online store "Okawa Furnitur
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