The physical store in Okawa will operate on the following schedule during Golden Week:

The physical store in Okawa will operate on the following schedule during Golden Week:

Golden Week's first half is filled with training sessions for me, Tsutsumi from Okawa Furniture dot com.

In Japan, from the end of April to the beginning of May is known as "Golden Week," a long holiday season that combines national holidays and weekends. Every year during Golden Week, tourist spots are crowded, so I often work or stay at home, but this year it looks like it will be even busier because there are many customers from overseas.
So, I decided to work as usual this Golden Week.

Our physical store, the Sty Showroom in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture,


will be open as usual on weekends and holidays during Golden Week,
so if you're visiting Fukuoka during the holidays and would like to see our furniture, please feel free to come by.

4/27-28 Closed
4/29-5/3 Open
5/4-5/5 Closed
5/6 Open
Please note that not all the furniture we handle online is available in the store,
so if there is a specific piece you want to see, please contact us in advance.

Since Okawa City is about an hour from Fukuoka City, it's better to have specific furniture in mind if you're making the trip.

While the city of Fukuoka is extremely crowded, Okawa is probably not as busy (laugh).

Please check here for tourist spots in Okawa.

As for this time,
1. Introduction of new products

1, Introduction of new products (2 series)

■ 120 cm wide kitchen counter using OS panel that is less prone to fingerprints than stainless steel
・ Uses OS panel that is less prone to fingerprints compared to stainless steel
・ Color steel plate countertop with the look of stainless steel, superior in anti-fouling and anti-rust properties
・ Drawers with full-open rails that make it easy to see and access items at the back
・ Drawer pulls are made of high-purity domestic aluminum, so they do not corrode or rust
・ Includes types for storing appliances and types for storing trash cans
・ Popular brown (walnut) and natural (oak) wood grain reinforced paper
That's why...
A new suggestion for those looking for a stainless steel kitchen counter♪

■ Natural solid wood width dish cabinet (width 80 & 120) customizable in height and safety
・ Height adjustable in 1 cm increments up to 250 cm
・ Front made of natural solid wood for a genuine and luxurious feel
・ Scatter prevention film and seismic latches (optional) for earthquake preparedness
・ Low formaldehyde so it's safe to store dishes
・ Pre-assembled at the factory for sturdy and easy installation
Perfect for those concerned about earthquakes but do not want to compromise on storage capacity and natural feel

These furniture pieces are not available on the English version of the Sty site but are sold on the Japanese domestic web page.
For international purchases, you can use a shipping service called "Buyee."
For more details, please see the "Buyee" banner on each product page.

The "Buyee" banner can only be seen from outside Japan.

When Golden Week is over, it will be mid-May. May is also a pleasant climate in Japan, and interiors that evoke nature become popular. It is also a time when new lives are starting, so items that help create fresh and comfortable spaces become popular.

Living room storage and others can incorporate the texture of natural wood in prominent places,
so it might be nice for the pleasant season of May.

【Author of this Article】
Taiyo Tsutsumi
CEO, Okawakagu dot com Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  Born and raised in the furniture town of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Taiyo Tsutsumi joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City immediately after graduating from university. After retiring in 2005, he embarked on a 4-month journey through Europe. In 2006, while assisting with the family business, which involved wholesale furniture, he became concerned about the future of furniture manufacturing, a key industry in Okawa City. With a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture once again, he founded the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com" and is currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.
2019: Certified for Business Innovation
2021: Adopted by JETRO for Cross-Border E-commerce " Japan Store" (Link)
2022: Granted subsidies for the "Overseas Demand Expansion Project Using Digital Tools, etc."
2023: Launch of the cross-border e-commerce English website "Okawakagu" (Link)
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