Furniture that can effectively utilize space even in small homes

Furniture that can effectively utilize space even in small homes

Japan, known for its expertise in compact living spaces, presents 'Okawa Furniture,' the highest-grossing furniture brand in the country, with the bustling metropolis of Tokyo at its heart.

In this feature, we bring you three recommended pieces of 'Compact Home Furniture' from Okawa Furniture Dot Com, specialists in Okawa Furniture.


1.Children's Secret Base Reversible Table (Hinoki), black board, natural wood

Children's toys often take up a lot of space, such as with items like Plarail or building blocks. When spread out on the floor for play, it inevitably leads to the need for cleanup, but kids prefer not to have their creations destroyed.

To address the issue of tidying up, we introduce the "Secret Base Table," which can instantly transform your tabletop into a clean slate.

This versatile table is not only suitable for children but also serves as a workspace for adults engaged in puzzle-solving or model-making, providing a stable platform you wouldn't want to disrupt.


2.Outdoor Folding Table: 60cm Diameter, Circular, Solid Domestic Cedar Wood

While it's labeled as an outdoor table, it's perfectly suitable for indoor use as well. (Our store manager, Mr. Tsutsumi, even uses it as an easily portable table inside his own home.)

Furniture stores typically wouldn't say things like this, but we understand the desire to keep your home clutter-free. Nobody wants a table that's meant for a specific spot you hardly ever use.

However, there are times when you're in your home theater room, and you suddenly wish you had a place to set down your coffee or beer.

During such moments, we often find ourselves taking this folding table, which we use as a living room coffee table, and bringing it into the home theater room.


3.Compact Stool with Japanese Confectionery Design

This compact stool features a design inspired by Japanese confections, specifically 'MONAKA' (fresh confections) like 'MONAKA,' which are known for their intricate and traditional patterns.

The word 'MONAKA’ refers to a traditional Japanese sweet made from glutinous rice and sweet bean paste, typically encased in a rice dough. The patterns commonly seen on these sweets have been beautifully incorporated into the design of this stool.

The stool has a modest diameter of 28 cm (approximately 11 inches), making it a delightful addition to any room, bringing a touch of Japanese elegance to your decor.


【Author of this Article】
Taiyo Tsutsumi
CEO, Okawakagu dot com Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  Born and raised in the furniture town of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Taiyo Tsutsumi joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City immediately after graduating from university. After retiring in 2005, he embarked on a 4-month journey through Europe. In 2006, while assisting with the family business, which involved wholesale furniture, he became concerned about the future of furniture manufacturing, a key industry in Okawa City. With a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture once again, he founded the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com" and is currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.
2019: Certified for Business Innovation
2021: Adopted by JETRO for Cross-Border E-commerce " Japan Store" (Link)
2022: Granted subsidies for the "Overseas Demand Expansion Project Using Digital Tools, etc."
2023: Launch of the cross-border e-commerce English website "Okawakagu" (Link)
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