oil maintenance

furniture maintenance

When you hear that, there is an image that seems to be quite difficult, right?
Above all, I want to take care of her, but I don't know what to do.

However, it is surprisingly easy to do. Even once a year is enough.
With regular maintenance, you can keep your favorite furniture in beautiful condition for many years.

Here, we will introduce how to maintain oil-painted furniture.

*Not applicable to urethane-coated furniture.

Regarding how to distinguish between urethane and oil coatings, generally speaking, urethane is glossy, and oil is smooth and matte.
That's easy to say, but hard to tell in practice.
Recently, there are many types of paints, and there are urethane paints and oil-like textures, some of which are difficult for even skilled craftsmen to distinguish.
So, you should ask the shop where you bought it or check the product page of the online shop.

This time, we will take care of the furniture that we actually use in our showroom.

Single board TV stand with ears (black cherry wood)

"Single board TV stand with ears (black cherry wood)"
is a TV stand, but in our showroom, it is active as a bench at the entrance.

maintenance timing

The oil that is applied to the furniture as a finish evaporates over time. So, when you buy it, it's shiny and beautiful, but it gradually becomes dry.
Look, touch, dry? When you feel it is the timing of maintenance.

Things to prepare

what to prepare


Oil & Waste

Only this.
If you are concerned about getting the oil on your hands when applying the oil, bring rubber gloves as well.
For the oil, please purchase maintenance oil for furniture sold at home centers.
You may not be familiar with the word rag, but it basically means a piece of cloth.
It's okay to cut the clothes you're thinking of putting out for junk collection.

Work environment

First, open the windows in the room you are working in to ensure proper ventilation.
Make sure it dries quickly and doesn't smell like oil.
By the way, when shooting

Sunny late March
Indoor temperature: 22°C
Humidity: 54%

I worked in an environment like
It's moderately dry and it's not cold even with the windows open, so it's the perfect time to do this kind of work.
It is recommended to work in autumn.
Wood is vulnerable to dryness, so it is a good idea to coat the wood with oil before the dry winter begins.

dust off

First of all, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated on a daily basis.

dust off

If the dirt cannot be removed by wiping with a dry cloth, soak a cloth in diluted neutral detergent and wring it out.
After wiping with water, if the surface is wet, the oil will not soak in, so if you think the surface is damp, wait until it dries.

apply oil

Soak a cloth in oil and spread it evenly over the entire surface.

apply oil apply oil

At that time, spread it along the grain of the wood.
Make sure there is no paint left over.

wipe off oil

Wipe off the oil with a new cloth different from the one used to apply the oil earlier.

wipe off oil

Wipe off thoroughly so that there is no residue.
Somehow, I feel that it would be more effective if a lot of the oil component remained, but here I will wipe it off firmly.
That will make it look nicer.
The quality of the finish is determined not by the amount of oil, but by how much effort you put into wiping it off.
By the way, the timing to wipe off is fine as soon as you apply the oil.


After wiping, let it dry.
Allow to dry for at least 12 hours.
It takes about a week to dry completely.

Image after drying for 12 hours

dry dry

As you can see from the image, the side that has undergone maintenance is glossy and has a beautiful expression as if it had been rejuvenated.
In the case of the TV board (named bench) this time, I touched it after 12 hours of work, but it was still dry and had a slightly sticky texture to my fingers.
You won't get any oil on your clothes when you sit down, but you'll want to let it dry a little longer before you can use it.
After 24 hours, it was fairly dry, but there was some resistance when rubbed with a finger, and a very slight amount of moisture remained.
After a week, it was in a dry state without any discomfort even when rubbed with a finger.


I came back shiny. It is so beautiful that you want to touch it.
It's just this, but the atmosphere of the entrance has changed and it's very bright.

Cleaning up

The cloth used for painting and wiping may ignite spontaneously if left unattended .
Wash it with water and throw it away with the water still in it.

Cleaning up