New Product Announcement from Sty Furniture

New Product Announcement from Sty Furniture

At the spring exhibition recently introduced on the Diary, a new product has been launched by a manufacturer specializing in compact and lightweight furniture made primarily from paulownia wood, which also functions as a small stool.

Sizes available:


The stool can serve multiple purposes, such as a storage box, coffee table, stepping stool, or seating. Due to the moisture-regulating properties of paulownia wood, it can also store snacks (although it is not waterproof, so avoid storing items that may get wet).

Like the popular Kimono storege available on Sty Furniture,, and eBay, it can also protect valuable clothing and scarves from moisture and insects.


Design and Style:

This new product has a refreshed design with an oil finish and handle-shaped grips, giving it a Japandi style, making it versatile for interior use.


Additional Features:

The stool is also functional as a stepping stool or seating, with a static load capacity of 240 lbs (110 kg).


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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