A Kotatsu Living Table Perfect for All Seasons with a Great Texture

A Kotatsu Living Table Perfect for All Seasons with a Great Texture

2023 Winter Recommended Special Feature

Winter is approaching, bringing with it the cold.

There are various ways to stay warm at home when it's cold out.
Last season, we introduced a gas fan heater in our home,
breaking away from the inefficiency of warming our living room with just an air conditioner.

When it comes to efficient heating, kotatsu is a common heater used in Japanese winters.

Why is kotatsu so efficient? Well,
it heats a specific, confined area, so its power consumption is around 600W, which is lower compared to air conditioners or electric heaters.
Also, because it doesn't warm the entire room, it's especially cost-effective for spacious living rooms or older houses with good ventilation.

However, one downside to a kotatsu is the need for storage when not in use.
It can certainly be in the way during summer or other times when not being used as a heater.

If you're someone who wants to use the kotatsu efficiently and doesn't want it to be in the way when not in use,

we recommend a natural wood kotatsu. Its appealing texture makes it usable throughout all seasons.

This is a cedar kotatsu

Even in seasons where you don't need a kotatsu futon, you can use it as a stylish table due to its great texture.

If you have a clean walnut-themed room, check this out

With a walnut veneer top and solid walnut edges,
its luxurious texture won't detract from the quality of your living room.

For rooms with plank flooring or tatami, here's another option

It features a veneer of Tamo wood and is painted in a checkered pattern to give variations in tone.
It's a premium kotatsu and coffee table perfect for Japanese aesthetics.

If you prefer a traditional Japanese tatami room, then this is for you

A kotatsu with a walnut veneer top and natural walnut edges, it exudes elegance.
It's a solid and substantial walnut kotatsu.

With natural wood kotatsu, you can use them not only during winter but also in other seasons,
eliminating the need for storage or purchasing a second table, making it cost-effective.

We hope you enjoy a warm and comfortable winter with our beautifully textured natural wood kotatsu. 【Author of this Article】
Taiyo Tsutsumi
CEO, Okawakagu dot com Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  Born and raised in the furniture town of Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Taiyo Tsutsumi joined a condominium company in Kitakyushu City immediately after graduating from university. After retiring in 2005, he embarked on a 4-month journey through Europe. In 2006, while assisting with the family business, which involved wholesale furniture, he became concerned about the future of furniture manufacturing, a key industry in Okawa City. With a desire to revitalize Okawa City with furniture once again, he founded the online shop "Okawa Furniture Dot Com" and is currently exploring ways to spread Okawa furniture worldwide.
2019: Certified for Business Innovation
2021: Adopted by JETRO for Cross-Border E-commerce "Amazon.com Japan Store" (Link)
2022: Granted subsidies for the "Overseas Demand Expansion Project Using Digital Tools, etc."
2023: Launch of the cross-border e-commerce English website "Okawakagu" (Link)
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