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kotatsu made with solid Japanese cedar for the tabletop

kotatsu made with solid Japanese cedar for the tabletop

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  • Tabletop made from solid laminated cedar woodThe tabletop is crafted from solid laminated cedar wood. Another version uses solid laminated ash wood for the tabletop. We utilize ash wood for the tabletop's laminated solid structure. By intentionally adding a carved, rough texture called "uzukuri" to the surface, you can appreciate the genuine texture of real wood.

  • Available in two color variations Two color variations. We offer two colors: the natural shade "N-7" and the subdued brown "SG."

  • Extendable legs for two-level height adjustment Two-level height adjustment with extendable legs. Thanks to the extendable leg design, you can adjust the height, making it convenient when using floor chairs or similar seating options.

・100V Japanese heater, please use a transformer depending on usage conditions



Top board: Cedar wood (Uzukuri finish)
Legs: Cedar wood


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TXL Urethane paint

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