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Custom-sized mirror with a Black Cherry frame, known for its elegant wood grain.

Custom-sized mirror with a Black Cherry frame, known for its elegant wood grain.

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Product Features

  • Adds a textured, natural ambiance
  • Water-resistant urethane coating
  • 5mm thick mirror for minimal distortion and clear reflection
  • Custom-sized to perfectly fit your interior
  • Meets Japan's JIS F☆☆☆☆ standards, ensuring a safe environment

Perfect for those seeking a mirror with a natural texture that complements solid wood bathroom counters.


  • Natural Oak Finish: The frame is made from popular high-quality furniture materials such as oak, walnut, and black cherry, giving it a natural ambiance.
  • Water-Resistant Urethane Coating: The frame is urethane-coated, making it resistant to water and stains, ideal for bathroom use.
  • 5mm Thick Mirror for Clarity: A 5mm thick mirror is used to minimize distortion. While typical wall mirrors are 2-3mm thick (approximately 0.08-0.12 inches), which can cause strength and distortion issues over larger areas, our mirrors maintain clarity and strength.
  • Custom Size for Perfect Fit: Each mirror is custom-made to fit your home. Skilled furniture craftsmen carefully finish each piece to suit your space.
  • Safe with F☆☆☆☆ Standards: All building materials used are F☆☆☆☆ certified, effectively addressing the concerns related to sick house syndrome.

Biscuit Joint Construction: The frame is joined by cutting the wood at an angle, resulting in a clean appearance.

Display Shelf: The frame extends about 6 cm (approximately 2.36 inches), allowing it to be used as a small display shelf.

Attractive Oak Grain: The bold wood grain of oak is particularly appealing.

(Note: Wall mounting is not provided. Please consult with a carpenter or handle it yourself.)

Made-to-Order: Delivery is approximately 30 days after ordering.

Manager's Recommendation: As the store manager, I use this mirror in my own bathroom. The simple wooden frame is free of unnecessary decoration, creating a clean and natural look. The mirror can be made to fit your home, whether it’s for a hotel-like wide sink or a compact area.

Why not create the perfect wall mirror for your bathroom?

Other wood species available for custom-sized mirrors are:



Solid Black Cherry with a 5mm thick mirror


Width × Height: Custom dimensions specified by the customer. Depth: 2.68 inches. Thickness of wooden frame: 0.79 inches


For dimensions 50×60 cm (19.7×23.6 inches): approximately (6Kg)13.2 lbs. For dimensions 50×90 cm (19.7×35.4 inches): approximately (8.5Kg)18.7 lbs


Urethane coating

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