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【Noguchi】 Round Tatami Rug Diameter 78.7inc(200cm) Japanese Traditional mat

【Noguchi】 Round Tatami Rug Diameter 78.7inc(200cm) Japanese Traditional mat

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About Round Tatami Rug

  • Size: 78.7inc(200cm) in diameter
  • Material: rush grass (japanese rush grass) from Kumamoto prf,Japan
  • Growth & Production: Japan
  • This is a brightly colored circular rush grass rug made by Noguchi Rush Grass Shop, one of only two companies in Japan that dye their products by hand.
  • It can be folded compactly, so you can use it only when you want to enjoy "Japanese" style.


This rug is recommended for individuals who appreciate Japanese aesthetics and style. It's perfect for those who want to add a touch of Japanese culture to their home decor. Additionally, its compact folding design makes it ideal for anyone who values versatility and space-saving solutions in their living spaces. Whether you're a fan of Japanese design or simply looking for a functional and beautifully crafted rug, this product is a great choice.

Japan's uniquely humid and scorching summers can be quite challenging. Even when you're indoors, you can still find yourself sweating profusely.

Introducing the Japanese rush grass rug, born from the wisdom of our ancestors, perfect for coping with Japan's hot summer days.

While modern homes often come equipped with air conditioning, relying solely on AC for comfort isn't always ideal for your health. Personally, I believe in setting the air conditioning to a lower temperature and focusing on reducing perceived warmth.

For those who share this approach, the cool and refreshing touch of rush grass, coupled with its air-purifying properties, moisture absorption and release effects, and its soothing fragrance, can make the hottest summer season much more comfortable.

We all know how tiresome household chores can be, especially during the sweltering summer. Whether it's a quick nap during your busy day or a playtime with your children, a clean and dry rush grass mat is the perfect choice.

Unlike hard, uncomfortable flooring, the cushioning and coolness of a rush grass mat make it an ideal surface for children to play on. It's not only comfortable but also easy to keep clean.


So, why not consider incorporating a rush grass rug into your home this summer? It's a piece of traditional Japanese wisdom that can help you beat the heat while adding a touch of Japanese elegance to your living space.

 We use a lot of rush from Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture.


Mr. Yamamoto, who grows our rushes.

Mr. Yamamoto has won numerous awards in Japanese rush contests.

Mr. Yamamoto's rush was dyed by one of only three hand dyers in Japan.

The goza made by Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Noguchi is even dedicated to Meiji Shrine, a famous shrine in Japan.

That's why the colors are different.

It also has cushioning properties because it has urethane on the back.


rush grass


78.7inc(200cm) in diameter




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