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Supremo Dining Kotatsu 4-Piece Set - Heated Dining Table,Chairs and Cover - Ready-to-use Electronic Heating Device

Supremo Dining Kotatsu 4-Piece Set - Heated Dining Table,Chairs and Cover - Ready-to-use Electronic Heating Device

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About item

4 piece dining kotatsu set with melamine tabletop that excels in functionality and is easy to clean

・High-grade High-type kotatsu made in Japan

・In winter, it can be used as a warm table by covering it and turning on the heater, and in summer, it can be used as a stylish dining table by removing the cover.

・The top panel is made of strong and beautiful melamine laminate A material used in many pieces of furniture due to its ease of maintenance, etc.

・The 35-inch square table is a convenient size for a compact room or a small group of people

・100V Japanese heater, please use a transformer depending on usage conditions

What is melamine tabletop?

  • Excellent durability This material is often used in public places and restaurant interiors, and has excellent resistance to scratches and heat.
  • Heat-resistant There is no change in the surface of a pan that has been filled with oil and heated to a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.*Please use a pot stand when actually using the product.
  • Stain-resistant The resistance to discoloration of coffee, ink, crayon, paint, etc., which tend to leave marks or discolor easily, has been proven.
  • Scratch-resistant No scratches are observed in a direct writing test with a 2H pencil under a load of approximately 1 kg.
  • Easy to clean Wipe with water for daily care. For hard-to-remove stains, neutral detergent or medicated alcohol can be used.
  • Water-resistant Since it is water-repellent, it will repel water even if water is accidentally spilled.*Do not leave it wet.
  • Fingerprint-resistant The matte texture reduces light reflection, making fingerprints less noticeable.
  • Thinking of the Earth This is a biomass product that uses plant-derived materials for more than 50% of its raw materials.


Made with care



Table:wood and melamine/Chair:wood and fabric/Cover:polyester 100%


Table:35.4"D×35.4"W×27.6"H inch(W90×D90×H70cm)/Chair:23.2"D×21.3"W×31.1"H(W54×D59×H79cm)




Urethane coating

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