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[W150 D80 H72cm] Japanese cedar clover shaped dining table

[W150 D80 H72cm] Japanese cedar clover shaped dining table

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The LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) lifestyle has been attracting a lot of attention recently, and houses that use a lot of wood in their construction are being reevaluated.
However, many tables, especially inexpensive furniture, are made from wood that has been cut down without any consideration for the environment.
Therefore, you need to be especially careful about the table on which you place your meals.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to a purely Japanese solid cedar table, which is made from Japanese-grown, planned logged cedar, dried in the traditional Japanese way, and processed by Japanese craftsmen.

■Table Features
・Cedar from southern Kyushu, Japan is used.
・Stylish clover shape
・Total solid wood with good texture
・Low formaldehyde F☆☆☆☆
・Carefully produced by Japanese craftsmen

Recommended for those who want to easily create a stylish Japanese interior.

・Cedar from southern Kyushu, Japan is used.

Many people think that cutting down forests is bad for the environment,
However, planned logging has an extraordinary effect on reducing CO2 emissions.

As you know, trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen through photosynthesis in order to grow.
But at the same time, trees also breathe, so they take in oxygen and turn it into carbon dioxide in order to live.
During the growth stage of the tree, though, the amount of respiration is low and photosynthesis is actively carried out in order to grow,
If the tree grows too large, the amount of respiration of the tree will increase and it will not be able to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Also, larger trees interfere with neighboring trees, so photosynthesis cannot take place effectively.
Therefore, planned logging, in which larger trees are cut down and new trees are grown after the trees are cut down, is very effective in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


・Stylish clover shape

It has a cute design that looks like a rounded clover.
The hollowed-out shape makes it easy to put your body close to it, making it perfect for a child's table.

The design is also cute, so it would suit college girls and other single people living alone.


・Total solid wood with good texture

All materials, including the legs, are made of Japanese Kyushu cedar.
Cedar is a soft material, softer than glass, metal, or even other hard materials such as tamo (Japanese cedar). It is softer than other materials and safer than other materials even if a baby bumps his/her head against it.


・Low formaldehyde F☆☆☆☆

All materials are made of Japanese industrial standard "JIS" F☆☆☆☆ material, so they can be used safely even by those who are sensitive to chemical substances or in households with children.

F grade" is a mark that classifies grades according to the speed (or amount) of formaldehyde emission from building materials, and is indicated based on the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certification, the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS), and the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). These markings correspond to regulations in the Building Standard Law. For materials regulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification, F☆☆☆☆ can be used in living rooms without limitation on the area used.

The materials are also carefully crafted by Japanese artisans using these materials.


The top panel is also cut at an angle on the underside to create a sharp impression.


The corners are also rounded for a cute atmosphere and to avoid pain when hitting with the corners.


The center of the top panel is also recessed for ease of use as a desk.


The legs are of course made of Kyushu cedar. The use of the same material gives a sharp impression.


Sharp design without feeling the 3cm thickness of the top panel



■Product Details
Product Name
Clover Dining Table

Size [Overall
Width 150, Depth 80, Height 72 (cm)
Width 59.1 Depth 31.5 Height 28.3 (inch)

Laminated Japanese cedar produced in Kyushu, Japan

Urethane Coating

Place of Origin
Made in Japan Okawa Furniture
Manufactured in Yanagawa, Fukuoka

Since natural wood is used, grain, color, etc. may vary from piece to piece.
Please understand that it is a natural product.
Also, please note that the color may differ from that on your PC due to monitor adjustment.



Japanese cedar


Width 150, Depth 80, Height 72 (cm) Width 59.1 Depth 31.5 Height 28.3 (inch)


25Kg (55lb)


Urethane Coating

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