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Walnut Natural Edge Kotatsu "Kagetu"

Walnut Natural Edge Kotatsu "Kagetu"

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Kotatsu futon and other items are sold separately. A luxurious furniture-style kotatsu, which utilizes the natural edge of walnut for its top border.

※Due to the use of a natural edge for the tabletop, its appearance and width may vary.


The height can be adjusted in two stages.

Top board: Walnut grain veneer Top board edge material: Walnut Finish: TXL Urethane coating (QW-7 color) Dedicated heater unit: Two-light fan-equipped quartz tube heater NN8395

Made in Japan, produced in Hita, Oita Prefecture Certified domestic furniture factory

You can choose a kotatsu futon, which is sold separately.


・100V Japanese heater, please use a transformer depending on usage conditions


Tabletop: Walnut veneer
Tabletop edge material: Solid walnut


Please refer to the shopping cart for the size.



TXL Urethane paint

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